Miyerkules, Nobyembre 9, 2016

Piss Off!

In a song I can't understand
A familiar feeling crawls slowly in my heart
Amidst the broken lines from before
It makes its way silently

I was doing fine a minute ago
And now look how devastated I am
Words that I can't understand
Somehow it still feels nice

Not knowing anything is good
Seeing the real thing is depressing
If you don't want me to go away
Then tell me to stay

But, dear, why are you so confusing?
You're pushing and pulling
Am I yours to throw when I'm of no use anymore?
Am I a toy you'll get enough and dispose?

When I speak the truth
You won't believe a word
If I lie, I'm bad
I'm evil, and that makes me mad

Are you that great to treat me like that?
If you are, then look at yourself now.
I swear to the brightest star in the sky,
It is not you I need in my life.

Your witticism is not funny
It doesn't make sense
It is ugly
A trash it is, stop it.

I am but a small being.
But I make big things you couldn't see.
You know nothing about me.
So stop making stories, and pick up your life on the ground.

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