Miyerkules, Nobyembre 30, 2016

The Curse is Still Here

Looking back in the old days
When you cut this little girl's hair
The same old style
And tell her she's pretty the way she is

You pour so much love
She grew up with confidence
She's independent and is strong
You're the one who taught her that

But the fairy tale you wrote for her
It didn't went well as planned
The spell didn't last long
The magic is slowly fading

The storm came and the castle is gone
The King and Queen lost their thrones
The people forsake them
It's all ruined

With love the King and Queen tried to start anew
They tried to make things right
But what was wrong is always wrong
It will never change, can't be whiten out

Sorrowful time has passed
The little girl earned broken pieces
Broken pieces of secrets
Slowly completing the picture

Like a strike of lightning
The secrets unveiled
The answers came out
It totally broke the little girl's heart

Knowing everything without showing it
Feigning ignorance and keeping thoughts
Keeping a straight face and keeping the tears
She learned it all

She wears a smile just like the queen's
She just listen like the king
She silently accept criticisms and insults
She stuffed all the pain inside

At night she would cry
A silent prayer, wishing everything will be alright
Cheering herself up
Wiping her tears nonstop

She sees what's not supposed to be seen
She hears what she shouldn't
But it was never shared
She locked it inside her

There's so much that she wants to say
But she's afraid if she sings
They will all turn their backs and walk away
Like what the people has done to her before

Now, the pressures on
Her mind's in chaos
What's wrong and right
Should and Shouldn't collides

She's black and white
She still fights
Though all she have is herself
And a God.

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