Lunes, Nobyembre 21, 2016

If You Are Mine

I saw you in the cafeteria again today
With your black hair messy, with your Missy
Too bad, you're not mine
Too bad, there's no us

You waved and smiled
Everything around us has stopped
The noise of everyone around has become a sweet melody
You're making me breathless

My heart seemed to stop beating normally
It feels good and bad
I think my head isn't functioning right
My system gone crazy

I smiled back
But the moment was cut
She hugged you from behind
And it all turned black

It hurts to see you smiling for her
But it hurts more to see you crying because of her
If you're mine, I'll make you smile
I won't make you cry

If you are mine, I'll give you love
A love that's overflowing
I'll support you in everything
I'll be the girl that will stay

I won't give you a hard time
I'll make sure you're always fine
You'll be the only one in my life
Only if you are mine

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