Lunes, Marso 13, 2017

Your Work vs Me

I'm nothing but an emotion that messes you up
I am no better than your job
You don't get paid by loving me
And I can't offer you anything but my feelings

I hate myself for demanding your time
I hate myself even more for being hurt about it
You need that job, than you need me
I know it too well but still I'm being like this

I'm sorry if most of the time I'm being a drama queen
I want your attention so bad that I start an argument
But I don't think you care that much
Because at the end of the day, it's me who calls you first

These days, talking to you gets harder
Seeing you for a brief moment becomes painful
Because everytime we meet it seems like you only care about one thing
Physical contacts

All I can see in your eyes is lust
Where is the love?
I can't see it
I can't feel it

I know you're busy, you're way too busy that sometimes you forget about me
Please, atleast, give me some of your time
Or don't make promises when you can't do it
Don't make me hope for nothing

I understand you, but what if I get tired?
What if someone do the things you should be doing?
Do I really matter enough?
Or it's just that, I'm just expecting for too much?

I'm sorry if I'm thinking this way
I can't help it
I'm sensitive, I can't even handle myself
I shouldn't be like this

I love you, and I should understand you
I should accept the things that I couldn't get from you
I should adjust to what is convenient for you
I should not compare myself to your job because I'm nothing better than it

I love you, and I should wait
I should wait for your text or call
I shouldn't bother you
I shouldn't be a problem for you

I'm sorry for being so messed up
For falling for you like this
I'm sorry if I wrote this, I couldn't tell you
I tried, but you're too busy to listen

I tried, but my words doesn't seem to get you
Or are you ignoring me?
Or you just don't care about how I feel?
No, no. No. You're just busy.

You're busy and you're tired
You're tired and you fall asleep whenever we got the chance to talk
And I have to wait again for another time
And the same thing happens and now I'm tired

Linggo, Marso 12, 2017

To Love

I hate to say this
But I admit, I'm a fool in love
So easily, I fell
And now, it's all I have

To love is not as easy as what it seems like
But to not love is harder than to love
We give and we receive
But does not always go that way

To really love is not giving and expecting something in return
Real love is unconditional
We choose to give and to give
Even if we become empty

To love is making a person happy
Even if it means letting go of our own happiness
We can't help it
Because to love is giving up everything

To love you is like walking on a tight rope
There's the fear of falling apart
Of breaking into pieces
But there's the joy every step taken

In love, we learn to open ourselves more
With you, I became vulnerable
A little dependent but stronger
A little clumsy but better

There's no words can explain what really love is
Because words is not enough
Love is love
We'll feel it no matter what

Miyerkules, Marso 1, 2017

I'm Missing You

I'm missing you
I read the messages you sent
I'm missing you
I listened to your recorded voice

I know we just said goodnight
But it feels empty again
I want to see your face once more
I want to hug you longer

I'm counting days again
I wish time pass by quickly
I want to hold you
And never let you go

I love you more than yesterday
I want to be with you
Can you hear the words I whisper in the air?
Did it reached you or the wind blew it away?

When I'm with you the colors are so bright
Without you it's darker than night
I'm missing you
Can you stay with me tonight?

I'm missing you, would you say it too?
What are you doing now?
Why are you making me feel this way?
Please don't make me wait for too long

I'm missing you and your smiles
The way your eyes twinkle like the stars
I don't need a galaxy from the sky
You're more than enough to spark up my universe