Miyerkules, Oktubre 26, 2016

Time and Fallen Tears

I see hope in blinding city lights
When I take a deep breath in smokey streets
It somehow comfort me
It somehow make me feel alive

At the sight of everyone in pain, I find my self lucky
Lucky to be struggling inside
Happy to know not a single person have an idea what I'm going through
Glad that no one will pity me

There's no water but I'm drowning
Slowly, with words they're smothering me
To go away is not an option
To stay is a decision

Choices are all the same
Explained differently but still the same
Is this fate?
Or just a nightmare, I'll never wake up?

The dam filled with sacred water
Made with pain and memories gained
It broke and made its way down the face
Of a sinner who tried to steal a perfect life

Now is the time
It won't end, it won't stop
Until the red-stained sky becomes black
And the blue ocean becomes dark

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