Lunes, Abril 10, 2017

Simply, I Love You

I'm so fragile when I'm with you
If it's you, I'm not afraid to show how weak I am
Slowly, you're changing, you're trying
I can see it, I can feel it now

You're making time, and you're mine
The thought of it makes me feel warm
It comforts me, it shelters me
I couldn't ask for more

Yes, you're not the right one
But let me be wrong this time
I want to keep you, forever if we can
I just want you by my side

If you're a mistake, then let it be
I don't care anymore
If it's you, then I'll give in
I'll hold onto you, and will never let go

The glitter in your eyes
As the tears that falls glistened
As you say how much I mean to you
And those magical words

I'm so into you
Please don't doubt it
Please believe it
The promises, I swear to keep it

You're for me
Let's write it
It's our fate, we make it ourselves
And seal it

Don't let go
Never let go
For never will I let go of your hand
Not even destiny tries to, never ever my love

If it's you, I won't give up
If it's you, I'll believe
If it's you, if it's you
I won't love anyone else in this world

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