Linggo, Marso 12, 2017

To Love

I hate to say this
But I admit, I'm a fool in love
So easily, I fell
And now, it's all I have

To love is not as easy as what it seems like
But to not love is harder than to love
We give and we receive
But does not always go that way

To really love is not giving and expecting something in return
Real love is unconditional
We choose to give and to give
Even if we become empty

To love is making a person happy
Even if it means letting go of our own happiness
We can't help it
Because to love is giving up everything

To love you is like walking on a tight rope
There's the fear of falling apart
Of breaking into pieces
But there's the joy every step taken

In love, we learn to open ourselves more
With you, I became vulnerable
A little dependent but stronger
A little clumsy but better

There's no words can explain what really love is
Because words is not enough
Love is love
We'll feel it no matter what

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