Miyerkules, Pebrero 15, 2017

I Still Love You

We don't spend time together that much
Once a week, time is too short
I feel lonely, I feel sad
But don't worry I understand

I know you love me
You told me so
But doesn't mean it's enough
It's not right, but I would demand

Buy me flowers, send me gifts
Write me letters to read
Show your love not just with words
Not just with your hugs and kisses, don't make me feel worse

I know you're not that kind of man
But how can you stay like that?
How can you not think of doing something I might like?
How can you just think I'm okay with what we have?

I still love you, though it somehow hurts
I have to adjust in everything
And I'm doing it just to keep you mine
Because I'm afraid I'm not good enough for you

I still love you, though I do it all
I love you though you know nothing at all
I still love you though you lack effort
Because with only you, I feel fine

Please tell me I'm beautiful even if I'm not
Tell me I'm the girl you've dream of all your life
Make me feel love, make me laugh
Don't make me do it all

I love you
I love you so
But I can't help thinking
I don't mean that much to you

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