Lunes, Enero 2, 2017

I'm Falling

I'm afraid this will make a space between me and you
But if I keep this inside I might waste the chance
The chance to say how you mean to me
The chance to tell you that I'm falling for you

The time we spent is too short
The feelings came rushing straight to my heart
We can't hide from love, or avoid it
So I'll just feel it until I get tired of it

This is a wrong love
An unrequited love
A love that will only bring pain
A love that won't last long

Don't worry, you don't have to love me back
You don't have to return the feelings that I give to you
You don't have to push yourself to me
Because we're too different

I'm falling in love with you
I wanted to tell you so
This is the chance
I'm trying to be brave

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