Lunes, Disyembre 26, 2016

If You Do

You called my name for no reason at all
Your existence filled an empty space in my heart
But I'm afraid it will fall
And break apart

You push and pull
You make me confused
Like a fool
I'm slowly falling, I can't refuse

If you treat me this way more than twice
I might get used to it
I might misunderstood
That your kindness is love that I'm looking for

I'm going with your flow
Not caring whether I would drown nor survive
If falling in love with you means hurting
Then maybe I'll take the pain until I get numb

Your warm hands that held mine
The sensation still lingers on my palm
Your shoulder I fell asleep on
I'm missing it all this time

You're my first real date
Hours sitting by the water with you, I wouldn't mind
Hand in hand we walked around
I wished I didn't let go

Sometimes I wish your jokes are real
When you joke about how you like me
When you say that you want to be with me
When you say you love me

If you do have feelings for me
Please tell me straightforwardly
Because if I continue feeling this way
I might get hurt badly

If you do 
If you love me
Tell me
I might want to be with you too.

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