Biyernes, Disyembre 16, 2016

December Thoughts

I know this Christmas will never be the same
It's colder than it should be
It's sadder than it has been
It's painted black and white

Santa Claus won't be coming again tonight
Everything feels so empty
Every song felt so lonely
It's been like this lately

It is a season to be warm with love
To share kindness and the blessings we have
To give and not ask for something in return
To put a smile to the face of a man in pain

But I can hear the cries
I can see the tears falling
The hopes dying
The lights fading

My heart feels everything
The darkness and sorrows
I have to let it go
To end it all

To end it all, is not easy
To move on is harder than it seems
To say I'm fine when I'm not
It's even harder to say it these days

It is a nightmare before Christmas
But how long will it haunt us?
How much more it will burden us?
Until when will we ever bear it?

We're not strong enough to carry it all
To take all the blame
To say we're still okay when we're not
To not breakdown when it becomes unbearable

Breathe, take a sigh
Let all the stress go
Clear your mind
Calm your heart

Count your blessings
Cry if it is getting harder
Let your emotion take over you for once
The anger, the pain, the sorrow

If it feels light enough
Take a look at the stars
They're surrounded with darkness
But at some point they still manage to give light to others

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