Sabado, Abril 4, 2015

That Dream

Ball gowns, glass shoes and a crown
A fancy carriage ride
A castle and a prince
But there isn't such a thing

It is a world full of strangers
Full of sacrifices and lies
We can't trust anyone but thy selves
At the end of the day you can call no one

A world full of fantasies
A great world that appears on televisions
Where two people will meet
And starts a magic you've never seen

I am but a commoner
A daydreamer in the outskirts
I waited and got tired
For love never appeared

I am no like Cinderella
No good looks,
Not kindhearted,
And don't have a fairy godmother

A black sheep indeed I am
But it is wrong to do what your heart desires?
Aren't we free to choose what we want?
Is following the footsteps on the sand will lead me to where I meant to be?

Mountains, a house and flowers around
The sound of the animals
The nature so fragile, so beautiful
That dream, I need to fulfill

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