Lunes, Marso 30, 2015

Holy Week After Hell Week

School's out and here comes the holy week. But before the holy week, there's this week most students call 'hell week'. It is because it's final examinations week! Everybody tries hard to get passing scores in order to pass the subjects. Most of the students stay late at night reviewing lessons and trying to solve equations. At times like this, the professors paints evil grins on their faces, showing the students how the ballpoint of their pens can affect each students lives.

On the other hand, after the bloody hell week comes the holy week where people used to spend time with their families at home or out of town. Group of people like friends, families or siblings usually climb mountains, do the visita Iglesia (an act where people visits different churches in a day and pray), camp on eco villages, or stay at home and watch movies.

Since it's the start of summer vacation, most people often go to beaches and enjoy the view of the ocean. But for me it's different. My family can't afford to go to out of town trips or go swimming either, so in the end, I usually stay in our house and do usual things like doing the chores. I spend holy weeks at home watching television, surf online, and make shakes that freshens up my body from the heat summer sun brings.

But this summer is different, I have the chance to go in my hometown where my family is living. After three long years, I'll finally meet them again! I'm studying college in a state university oceans apart from my home so it's really difficult to go home every vacation. I am beyond happy getting my first travel alone on my eighteenth birthday. It's not my first time travelling but it is my first time to travel alone. I got my ticket a month ago and will be staying in my hometown for 15 days. It's not too long but I promise to make the most out of it.

Today is the start of Holy week. I will enjoy this week not like the way I do it the other years. I have to repent my sins, and thank God for giving me what I need instead of what I want. He knows best, right?

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