Linggo, Mayo 28, 2017

Long Distance Relationship: Day 1

Long distance relationship.

I'm used to goodbyes and farewell hugs. I spent most of my life away from my loved ones. But this time it is different. I'm too attached to him to simply say goodbye. I never looked back when I turned away from him. Why? Because I'm afraid I'll run to him and hold him tight, and never let go of him.

On my way back from the airport, I know the streets too well but I felt so lost. My feet is aching to go back, call him, to stop him from leaving but I didn't do it. It is his first time riding an airplane, and I don't want to ruin it. I want him to have an unforgettable first flight ever! Which happened. It turns out that their plane couldn't land on their destination due to bad weather and had to go back to where they came.

I was worried because he didn't have time to eat earlier, and he and his friend bought cup noodles and was shocked with the price. It's funny and sad. I'm less worried now knowing he's doing good.

Finally, they reached the last frontier, the place where I spent my childhood. The memories came rushing unto me that I can't help talking about it to him. The places, the people, all these memories are like fireworks lit and explodes to the air for a brief moment and it's all gone.

I survived today, we survived today. Can we do it tomorrow?

I'm too tired to write anymore. Goodnight.~*